Work Experience

Senior product designer at AppDynamics (Cisco)


Research and design of various product features pertaining to Cisco’s AppDynamics division.

Active projects include improving overall product navigation experience, and exposing Trace data via the OpenTelemetry specification.

Design engineer at PlanetScale


Design and development of various touchpoints encompassing the web application, and supporting artifacts (marketing website,documentation).

Highlights include a simplified dashboard to create and deploy databases online. Focus on making multi-cloud, multi-region, and database sharding easier to grasp and be consumed by developers.



Work on multiple projects on contractual terms spanning industries including payment solutions (BillDesk), virtual networking (Juniper Networks), journalism (PARI), fintech (Wobe), and team productivity (Baloonr).

Responsibilities primarily included either redesigns of existing products with emphasis on prototyping, or augmenting the in-house team with a designer/developer skillset.

UX Designer at Arkin


One of two designers tasked with building out a product from scratch to complement an engineering team that grew from 8 to ~50 members before acquisition.

Primary focus on simplifying the user experience to aid in monitoring and discovery of various components that make up a datacenter. Highlights include a natural language search interface and highly-scalable visualizations (to accomodate devices in thousands).

Note: Co-creator on patent US9923782B1

Note: Acquired by VMWare; now VMWare Aria Operations for Networks

UX Engineer intern at IBM


3 month stint at IBM Watson Pittsburgh learning and utilizing various skills around software design and development and fucking up while using git.

Software Engineer at Aricent Networks (CapGemini)


Wrote C++ functions inside a proprietary visual editor to define business logic for Alcatel Lucent's clients. The product in question was called ALU 8642 Flexible Routing and Charging (FRC) .

Software Engineer at CPA Global


Wrote database migration scripts to onboard new clients on a patent portfolio management system sold by CPA Global.


Master of Human-Computer Interaction from Carnegie Mellon University


Bachelors of Technology in Computer Science from Amity University



Work authorization

H-1B Visa, USA

Citizen, India