How can datacenteres keep track of their entire physical and virtual infrastructure without having to context switch between vendors and applications?

Arkin was a NexusVP funded startup providing datacenters with such a single pane of glass into their entire infrastructure.

I helped it over the course of two years move from a interface-less demo to being acquired by VMWare in 2016.

The solution employed a search-first approach, utilizing topology visualizations to delegate complex hierarchies, and a dashboard to render the information-heavy characterstics of a virtualized datacenter.
Virtualized datacenters run on new networking concepts that have previously never been visualized. We created many visualizations to augment the traditional networking topologies to help administrators quickly get a sense of their infrastructure. This topology for instance, represents a VxLAN (a virtual successor the traditional LAN) and also provides an interactive guide to how the various components are connected to each other.
An entire set of new icons was developed to visualize the various components that are part of a virtualized datacenter. We went with solid rectangular icons to denote physical components and circular, hollow icons to represent virtual ones.
Iterations of a single icon (L3 Network)

Tasks involved